Kings Road Surgery

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Practice Charter



  • Keep the contents of your health records confidential and maintain your privacy
  • Offer same day appointments
  • Provide you with emergency care when you need it
  • Offer appointments for routine matters with the appropriate time scale
  • You may book a health check when you join the surgery
  • Offer advice on disease prevention and health promotion
  • Involve you in discussions on your care and treatment
  • Assist you in obtaining help from other professions when this is required
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect regardless of your age, sex religion, ethnicity, appearance or health needs
  • Maintain standards by ensuring that all doctors and staff undertake continuing education and training


  • Inform us of any change in your name, address or telephone number in writing
  • Let us know in good time if you are unable to keep your appointment
  • Check in at Reception on your arrival
  • Make a separate appointment for each person to be seen
  • Only request a house visit if you are too ill to come to surgery
  • Only use the Out-of-Hours service for problems that cannot wait until the surgery next opens
  • Request repeat prescriptions in good tme – do not wait until you run out
  • Ask if you do not undersand advice given to you
  • Tell us if you are unsure about treatments you are offered
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect